3D Laser Scanning

A fundamental method for establishing delta-V is to determine the amount of crush that occurs to a vehicle ...[Read more]

Accident Reconstruction Testing

ARCCA’s experts rely on our first-rate testing capabilities in our onsite facilities. Tests, ranging from drop testing and ...[Read more]

Air Suspension Seat

ARCCA’s experts are frequently asked to identify the cause of seat failures. In this case, a tractor trailer ...[Read more]

Airbag – Late To Deploy

In certain crashes, such as override/underride accidents, the airbag is sometimes late to deploy. In this type of ...[Read more]

Airbag- Failure To Deploy

Sometimes during crashes, the airbag fails to deploy. In these instances, the victim often sustains facial, head and ...[Read more]

Airbag-Distracted Driver

It was alleged that, because paper file material was found between a decedent and a deployed driver airbag ...[Read more]

Airbag-Induced Iinjuries

During some vehicular crashes, it is the airbag itself that causes injuries. ARCCA was asked to investigate a ...[Read more]

Aircraft – Seats

ARCCA engineers played an integral part in designing ejection seat and emergency escape systems, as well as helicopter ...[Read more]

Aircraft Crash

ARCCA experts are skilled at evaluating aircraft crashes on everything from light planes to large commercial airliners. The ...[Read more]

Aircraft Tug

Airport tugs are used for baggage handling at airports. In this particular case, the tug rolled over on ...[Read more]

Aircraft – Helicopters

During a helicopter flight for a film crew, a helicopter crashed while attempting a maneuver.  There was a ...[Read more]


In 2012, the number of passengers flying for business reached 2.9 billion worldwide and 730 million domestically.   In ...[Read more]

Alligator Shears

Alligator shears are hydraulically powered shears commonly used in the metal recycling industry to cut off portions of ...[Read more]

Amusement Park Ride Fatality

ARCCA was asked to investigate a roller coaster amusement ride fatality. One of the occupants was ejected from ...[Read more]

ATD Testing – Low Speed Incident

Crash test “dummies” are smarter than their nickname implies. Also known as Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs), crash test ...[Read more]


When accidents involving ATVs/UTVs have occurred, ARCCA’s accident reconstructionists, biomechanical experts and crashworthiness engineers have been asked to ...[Read more]

Bicycle / Vehicle Accident

Bicyclist was hit by a vehicle making a left turn at an intersection.   Who was at fault?    

Bicycle Accident – Failure To Stop

A cyclist collided with a minivan at an intersection in a residential area and sustained serious injuries. There ...[Read more]

Bicycle Accident – No Witnesses

A cyclist was found unconscious on the northbound side of the road. The police accident report concluded that ...[Read more]

Bicycle Accident – Staged

A cyclist was involved in a solo bicycle accident after riding several blocks from a bike shop where he ...[Read more]

Bicycle Accident – No Helmet

A vehicle attempting to enter a shopping center made a left turn through a line of stopped traffic proceeding ...[Read more]

Black Box/EDR Passenger Vehicles

Passenger car and light truck data recorders were originally developed by car manufacturers as diagnostic tools, with the ...[Read more]

Boom Lifts

Boom Lifts are aerial work platforms in which the platform is located at the end of a telescoping ...[Read more]

Brake Failure

An ARCCA expert was asked to investigate a case where a driver claimed that his anti-lock brake system ...[Read more]

Broken Sprinkler System & HVAC

ARCCA is experienced in investigating the many different types of HVAC issues. In one such case, a sprinkler head broke ...[Read more]

Burn Injuries – Hot Water Systems

ARCCA was asked to investigate a case where a child was burned when placed into a soaking tub ...[Read more]


ARCCA’s team of experts is experienced in handling complex commercial vehicle collisions, such as those involving trucks, fire ...[Read more]

Bus-Accident – Window

Bus and school bus structures are often at issue in collisions. ARCCA was asked to investigate the crashworthiness ...[Read more]

Cargo Intrusion

Relatively minor accidents sometimes have tragic consequences. ARCCA was involved in a case where a child returning home ...[Read more]

Cargo Retention – Utility Van

Some vehicles are not designed to handle the cargo which is routinely placed in the hatch or trunk ...[Read more]

Cargo Retention Truck

Cargo retention issues can occur in any type of vehicle, both commercial and personal, that is carrying people ...[Read more]

Case Study: Slip, Trip and Fall

Each injury that a person receives is traceable to the direction from which the impact load was applied. ...[Read more]

Child Safety Seats

ARCCA is a recognized leader in child occupant crash protection and has consulted with NHTSA, Children’s Hospital of ...[Read more]

Child Seat-Side Wings

ARCCA has been involved with numerous child safety issues and cases. In this case the vehicle was involved ...[Read more]

Construction Vehicles

ARCCA experts have investigated hundreds of incidents in construction zones involving numerous types of vehicles and equipment. In ...[Read more]


ARCCA was involved in a case where an operator was running a conveyor carrying boxes when one of ...[Read more]


Operating cranes and other heavy equipment can be a source of injury. When accidents happen, ARCCA’s biomechanical engineers ...[Read more]

Crimp Fitting

During a major home remodel project, new plumbing was installed in a master and guest bathroom. The plumbing ...[Read more]

Diving Injuries

ARCCA engineers are called upon often to study swimming pool diving accidents that lead to spine and spinal ...[Read more]

Dump Truck / Propane Tank

ARCCA was asked to investigate an accident where a dump truck, while dumping mulch, knocked the cap off ...[Read more]

Effect of Oxidation on Headlight Illumination

This incident involved a pedestrian walking along an unlit roadway during the night hours. The pedestrian was wearing ...[Read more]

Elevator Incident

A maintenance worker was sent to replace the astragals (seals) on the hoistway doors of a hydraulic industrial ...[Read more]


A woman was using an elliptical trainer in a gym and experienced a fractured wrist when her arm ...[Read more]

Engine Runaway And Explosion

There have been instances where the engine of a tractor trailer begins to run away, eventually resulting in ...[Read more]

Enhanced Damages

When the incident description does not appear to support the vehicle’s actual physical damage, an adjuster must consider ...[Read more]

Farm Machinery

A farm worker was seriously injured while trying to clear debris from the “rock trap” area of a ...[Read more]

Fatality Investigation

ARCCA biomechanical engineers along with our crashworthiness and accident reconstruction engineers evaluated a case involving a fatality linked ...[Read more]

Fire Place Soot Damage & Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

An ARCCA engineer investigated a claim of damage due to an unusual amount of soot occurring in a ...[Read more]

Fire – Residential

ARCCA was asked to investigate a house fire.  Based on preliminary information, it was thought that the home ...[Read more]

Fire – Vehicle (Arson)

An ARCCA engineer was asked to investigate a pickup truck fire. The truck had been reported stolen, but ...[Read more]

Forklift – Lap Belt

Forklifts are a part of everyday work for many people. Unfortunately, they have a propensity to tip over. ...[Read more]

Forklift – Safety Bypass

A person was directing the operator of an outdoor forklift when the forklift’s tire went into a hole causing ...[Read more]

Forklift Accident Investigation And Injuries

A warehouse worker was using a stand-up forklift to stock inventory in the tire warehouse where he worked. ...[Read more]

Forklift- Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failures occur in all facets of life. In this case, a forklift’s fork was extended as it ...[Read more]

Frontal Crash Testing

ARCCA was contracted by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to work with the Children’s Hospital of ...[Read more]

Go Karts

A person purchased an off-road Go Kart online.  After some time operating the Go Kart, the person decided ...[Read more]

Golf Carts

Golf carts are required to traverse variable terrain, and sometimes they tip over causing injury to the occupants. ARCCA has ...[Read more]

Hail Damage

When a severe weather event with hail strikes an area, many claims are filed for hail damage. ARCCA’s ...[Read more]

Head Injury

ARCCA’s biomechanical experts were asked to review an accident where a piece of plaster detached from the ceiling, ...[Read more]

Head Restraint – Truck

Rear-end collisions are generally considered to be the strongest direction for the human body to tolerate a crash, ...[Read more]

Heating Unit

ARCCA was retained on a case where the vehicle’s driver suffered severe burns on his legs. Our engineer ...[Read more]

Heavy Vehicle Ride Evaluation

Truck drivers often claim back and lumbar injuries as a result of a single bump or impact from ...[Read more]

High-Pressure Sanitary Clamp Fracture

High-pressure sanitary clamps are used to hold together pressurized systems for handling and processing material for use that ...[Read more]

Highway Collision with a Tractor-Trailer

After losing control in the southbound lanes of a major highway, a passenger vehicle traveled across the grass ...[Read more]

Hot Tub

A homeowner was not able to determine if the water in his hot tub was boiling or whether ...[Read more]

Injury from Fractured Eyeglasses

ARCCA has investigated product liability cases where design decisions had unexpected consequences. In this case, a woman’s eye ...[Read more]

Insufficient Lighting

During the overnight hours, a female tripped and fell in a commercial parking lot during the course of ...[Read more]

Insufficient Lighting – Stairs

In the early morning, pre-dawn hours, a person decided to exercise in an unoccupied section of a commercial ...[Read more]

Juvenile Products

ARCCA has consulted on many juvenile product cases, including walkers, strollers, swings, bouncy seats, toys, and bunk beds. One ...[Read more]

Juvenile Products- Stroller

ARCCA provided expert consultation in a case involving the asphyxiation of an infant placed in a stroller to ...[Read more]

Knowing Driver Behavior in Traffic Case

When a crash occurs, driver duties and conduct, as well as operational, logistical and procedural issues often require ...[Read more]

Ladder Use

A man was cleaning the gutters on a two-story house using an extension ladder when he fell to ...[Read more]


ARCCA is often asked to investigate claims resulting from falls from ladders to determine if an issue or ...[Read more]

Line of Sight

Most accident cases require a thorough analysis of all of the potential collision scenarios.  ARCCA’s accident reconstructionists have ...[Read more]

Lockout Tagout

The Lockout/Tagout procedure is used in the control of hazardous energy for the safety of employees in industrial ...[Read more]

Low Speed Testing Research

ARCCA’s biomechanical experts have conducted significant testing of low-speed crashes, as well as the corresponding forces that impact ...[Read more]

Low Speed Vehicle Accident Injuries

A 49 year old male was involved in a low-speed impact accident with minor damage to each vehicle.  He claimed ...[Read more]

Low-speed Frontal Impact

Accidents occur daily and low-speed crashes are particularly common. Sometimes, the injuries claimed do not appear to be ...[Read more]

Machine Guarding

In a factory that produces food dips, a worker decided to open a machine cover to clean out ...[Read more]

Mining Equipment

Many dangers exist in mining and major excavation projects. In one case, ARCCA was asked to determine if ...[Read more]

Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP)

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs), such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, and vertical mast lifts, are mobile machines ...[Read more]

Mold Under the Carpet

The insureds had new carpet installed in their basement, and several years later mold was found under the ...[Read more]

Motorcycle Kickstand

Motorcycle enthusiasts often like to customize their bikes, which can sometimes lead to safety issues. In one case, ...[Read more]

Mulch Grinders

Mulch grinders are large outdoor machines designed to take logs or waste wood from a logging mill and ...[Read more]

Nighttime Hit and Run Animation

In the early morning hours, a team of road workers set about clearing cones to reopen lanes for ...[Read more]

Pedestrian Impact – Surveillance Video

This incident involved a passenger vehicle which struck a pedestrian who was attempting to cross the roadway. Footage ...[Read more]

Photogrammetric Analysis of a Rear End Collision

A vehicle stopped at a red light was involved in a rear-end collision with another vehicle. The driver ...[Read more]

Playground Equipment

On a bright and sunny day, a grandmother took her grandchild to a public park.  The grandmother encountered ...[Read more]

Pool Collapse for Above Ground Swimming Pool | Case Studies

The insured claimed that their above ground pool collapsed and released thousands of gallons of water. ARCCA’s structural ...[Read more]


ARCCA was asked to investigate the cause of a high profile railing collapse at a major college football game ...[Read more]

Railings/Fall protection

ARCCA was asked to investigate an accident where the victim fell into a vat of boiling liquid at ...[Read more]

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Ergonomics cases may involve injured workers, and ARCCA experts are often asked to determine whether the worker’s job ...[Read more]

Research – Crash Protection

Since its inception ARCCA has always relied on research as a means of advancing the state of the ...[Read more]

Residential Explosion

ARCCA was contacted to investigate an explosion that occurred at home heated with propane.  Based on preliminary information, ...[Read more]

Restraint and Seat Testing

Since its inception, ARCCA has always relied on research as a means of advancing the state-of-the-art relating to occupant crash ...[Read more]

Retaining Wall Failures

Site topography often requires roads, driveways, homes, etc., to be built on hillsides or below ground surface. Often, ...[Read more]

Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are aerial work platforms where the platform is on top of elevating scissors.  The scissors are ...[Read more]

Seat Back Failure

ARCCA was asked to investigate a possible third-party claim stemming from a serious  chain-reaction accident on an Interstate ...[Read more]

Seat Belt & Airbag – Testing

ARCCA experts have been designing and testing seatbelts and airbags since the 1970’s. During these early tests, our ...[Read more]

Seat Belt – Fire Truck

A seat-belted firefighter was seated in the right front captain’s seat of a fire truck when responding to ...[Read more]

Seat Belt – Lap Belt

Lap belts have been an issue in crashworthiness for many years. In one example, ARCCA was involved in ...[Read more]

Seat Belt Buckle – ABC News

ARCCA experts have been designing and testing seatbelts and airbags since the 1970’s. During these early tests, our ...[Read more]

Seat Belt Defense

Fifteen states allow at least some reduction of damages if it is proven that the plaintiff was not ...[Read more]

Seat Belt Fatality

ARCCA was called to determine how and why a seatbelt caused a paralyzing neck injury to the front ...[Read more]

Seat Belt- Passenger Vehicles

Seat belt induced injury is one of the many injury sources studied by ARCCA’s team of biomechanical, accident ...[Read more]

Seat Failure – Passenger Vehicles

ARCCA is the national leader in the field of rear impact crashworthiness. We have formally petitioned NHTSA to ...[Read more]

Sightline Analysis Animation

In the early hours of the morning, a vehicle traveling westbound above the posted speed limit proceeded through ...[Read more]

Soccer Goals

Soccer is played and safely enjoyed by millions of Americans. There have been instances however where the soccer ...[Read more]

Spinning Bike

A relative newcomer was in spinning class and suffered a fractured ankle when it contacted the crank arm. ...[Read more]

Sports Collision

ARCCA was asked to analyze injuries that were claimed to have come from an incident where a child ...[Read more]

Structure Testing

ARCCA’s engineers have years of experience with full vehicle testing and component testing. Testing on crashworthiness cases can involve ...[Read more]

Sudden Acceleration

A driver was involved in an accident. He claimed the vehicle’s brakes would not slow the vehicle, and ...[Read more]

Swimming Pool – Inground

ARCCA was asked to investigate a case in which a swimmer was electrocuted while in a swimming pool. ...[Read more]

Tire Explosion Accident

During delivery of construction materials to a site, a driver noticed a flat tire on his semi-trailer. He, ...[Read more]


ARCCA is called upon to investigate failures, ergonomics and vibrational exposure issues with tractor seating. In one case, ...[Read more]

Traffic Light Timing Analysis

Occasionally disputes arise as to the performance of traffic lights and whether they were the cause of accidents. ...[Read more]


A woman went to an in-hospital rehabilitation facility to use a treadmill. While walking on the treadmill, it ...[Read more]

Truck – Brake System

An extensive amount of variables exists in the systems of tractor trailers and, as with any machine, are ...[Read more]

Truck – Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failure on this tractor trailer was analyzed by an ARCCA team of accident reconstructionists and mechanical engineers ...[Read more]

Truck Fire

ARCCA was asked to investigate a tractor trailer fire.  The tractor trailer had been parked after a full ...[Read more]

Truck Fire – Cause & Origin

Two scenarios exist that cause trucks to catch fire – one is during or resulting from a crash, ...[Read more]

Truck Fire – Brakes

ARCCA was asked to investigate a tractor trailer fire that damaged a popular highway.  Initially, it was theorized ...[Read more]

Truck Rollover

An ARCCA expert was called to investigate an incident in which an extended cab pickup truck rolled over ...[Read more]

Truck Tie Down

Shifting or falling cargo causes unnecessary risk to not only the driver but to passenger vehicles sharing the ...[Read more]

Truck/SUV Rollover

Rollover accidents occur frequently with trucks and SUVs. When rollovers occur, it is important to have adequate roof ...[Read more]

Truck/tractor Trailer – Structure

Truck/tractor trailer accidents are often complicated and require many disciplines to evaluate what happened. ARCCA was involved in ...[Read more]

Unbuckled Cycling Helmet

A cyclist crashed and sustained injuries to the rear of his head. A photo taken just prior to ...[Read more]

Vehicle Fraud

A driver claimed to have parked his vehicle, took out his keys and went inside his house. About ...[Read more]

Vehicle Rollovers

Vehicle rollovers are among the most complex collisions to reconstruct. ARCCA’s team of experts has extensive experience investigating ...[Read more]

Vehicle Sway Bar

An ARCCA engineer was retained on a case where the driver lost control of the car and crashed. ...[Read more]

Video Analysis of a Low Speed Collision

Case Description During a worker’s strike outside a depot, a line of work trucks attempted to leave for ...[Read more]

Video Analysis of Speeding Vehicle

Case Description In the early morning hours, a pair of police cruisers respond to a call. Due to ...[Read more]

Warnings And Instructions

Some products are developed for certain market segments and are unsuitable for others. This scenario exists as it relates ...[Read more]

Water Intrusion

ARCCA was contacted to investigate water damage that allegedly resulted from an HVAC unit in a building.  The ...[Read more]

Weight Machine

A Smith machine is a weight training machine that consists of a weightlifting bar guided and attached to ...[Read more]

Wheel Separation

Wheel separation incidents cause hazardous highway circumstances, and this type of incident occurs approximately 1,500 times per year ...[Read more]

Who Crossed the Centerline?

This incident involved a school bus traveling westbound and a tractor traveling eastbound on a non-divided, two-lane roadway. ...[Read more]

Who Was Driving?

During accidents, unrestrained occupants can either be thrown throughout the vehicle or ejected, which could result in injury ...[Read more]

Worker’s Compensation

In the workplace, mishaps occur causing employees to become disabled and unable to perform their duties. Our biomechanical ...[Read more]

Workers Comp – Subrogation

ARCCA was asked to investigate a workers’ comp subrogation case where an injured worker, who was a forklift ...[Read more]
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