About Forensic Engineering & Expert Witness Consulting

ARCCA’s engineering teams are comprised of a wide range of technical disciplines, such as biomechanics, accident reconstruction, crashworthiness, failure analysis, human factors, premises liability, and fire and explosion. Our experts use cutting edge technology and software during their investigations and research. This enables them to identify and analyze the facts of a case or claim in an expedited and cost-effective manner. All of this combined allows our experts to prepare comprehensive reports of their final findings.

Our engineering team is comprised of experts from a wide range of technical disciplines, enabling us to properly analyze the facts and circumstances and determine what happened in an event. We then document our findings and present the highest quality deliverables to our clients.

When you need a professional, comprehensive analysis for your case or claim, contact ARCCA.

About ARCCA’s Forensic Engineering & Expert Witness Consulting Capability

Because our engineering experts have diverse technical capabilities in a number of fields, we have the expertise to provide engineering and scientific solutions in numerous areas, such as:

Biomechanics: Our biomechanical experts consider all the forces of an event and rely on established scientific principles to evaluate injury causation and the equipment used to protect people from injury.

Accident Reconstruction: ARCCA’s accident reconstruction experts, many of whom are certified with advanced accident reconstruction training, work with each client to determine the scope of the reconstruction. We then use appropriate, cost-effective methods and tools for the case, whether it be a standard or complex reconstruction.

Premises Liability: Our engineers, who are knowledgeable about applicable liability codes and standards, help find answers for premises liability claims to uncover how and why an incident occurred and who was at fault. Many of our premises liability professionals have advanced degrees covering fields such as human factors and biomechanics.

Failure Analysis/Engineering: Things break and products fail every day. Regardless of the type of product or equipment, we can determine what went wrong and how it could have been prevented. Many of our failure analysis engineers have advanced degrees in Mechanical Engineering and related disciplines and many years of experience with failure analysis and material properties.

Transportation: Whether it be issues with ground, air or maritime vehicles, our transportation experts are there to provide the expertise you need. Our transportation practice for ground vehicles deals with everything from heavy trucks to bicycles and all vehicles in between. Our air practice deals with rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, as well as space vehicles, and our maritime practice handles a wide variety of operational, mechanical and human factors events.

Fire and Explosion: Our fire and explosion engineers can determine the origin and cause of all types of fires and explosions, including residential fires, commercial building fires, vehicle and truck fires, arson, consumer or commercial product fires, and engine or other explosions.

Property and Construction: When architectural structures or property systems fail or sustain damage, ARCCA engineers determine why and how. When an issue or event occurs at a construction site, our engineers stand ready to find the root cause of the problem. Our team investigates the causation and prevention of all types of failures of systems and equipment, and are also skilled in dealing with remediation approaches.

Technology: Although traditional tools such as tape measures, plumb bobs and laser theodolites remain a valid method to collect forensic information, ARCCA engineers and scientists utilize new technologies such as LIDAR and drones to remain on the forefront of their respective fields. Our experts are innovators, and using the latest technology tools available today in their investigations enables them to gather information that may not have been previously accessible.

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ARCCA’s Engineering Expertise

The superior quality and breadth of our team’s expertise add value for our clients and set us apart as leaders in the forensic engineering industry. We take a collaborative, hands-on approach to provide an inclusive, full range of engineering services.

Litigation and Research: Our engineers have carefully developed their areas of expertise and continue to hone their skills and knowledge base. Our work consists of a blend of both litigation and research, which adds tremendous value to our clients’ cases.

Collaboration: Many projects require insight and analysis spanning several different areas of expertise. Our experts take a team-based approach and collaborate with each other on projects, giving us immediate access to a pool of information, which in turn strengthens our deliverables. And because our clients do not have to go to numerous companies or consult with outside professionals, ARCCA proves to be very cost-effective.

Technical Craft: Our team has a passion for their technical craft, always raising the bar to find the latest methods and tools. Our high-tech, fully-outfitted testing facility provides everything necessary for our engineers to conduct project-specific, intensive research. Education, specialized training, hands-on experience in the litigation and research environment, and a drive for accuracy ensures the highest quality, most reliable engineering services for our clients.

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Our engineers have years of experience developing safety procedures and processes, investigating the root causes of failures, and identifying appropriate remediation approaches. We handle each project and case with attention to detail, precision and integrity, devoid of bias. Our objective research and reports arm our clients with the data they need.

Using industry tools and state-of-the-art equipment, our engineers apply their collective knowledge and experience to deliver the answers you need, when you need them. So when your next case or claim requires the expertise and technical analyses of an expert, ask ARCCA. Call us at 800-700-4944 for a free consultation.

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