Our onsite research, development, and testing capabilities are a large part of the “The ARCCA Advantage.”

ARCCA’s wide range of expertise and on-site testing facilities enable us to conduct our clients’ needs in-house. Our engineers have the opportunity to perform hands on testing themselves. This approach allows our engineers to be involved with their testing from start to finish, resulting in effective final findings.

Over the last 30 years, we have worked on thousands of different cases and projects, from product testing to biomechanical injury analysis. Clients nationwide can expect to fulfill all of their forensic engineering research, development and testing needs from one source, saving them both time and money.

ARCCA can supply the answers and scientific solutions you need. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

About ARCCA’s Research, Development & Testing Capabilities

ARCCA’s testing facilities streamline and enhance the process for our clients. We eliminate the burden of having to contract multiple experts at different firms. In a single company, you have access to a team of multi-disciplinary, experienced engineers with top-of-the-line research and testing tools at their fingertips. It is part of what makes our company unique and why so many of our clients are repeat customers.

Our Research & Development Group provides technical consultation to well-known occupational, government, and sports agencies, such as the U.S. Military, NIOSH, FEMA, NASA and the NHL. Our researchers and engineers have also been involved with many high-profile issues, such as the Space Shuttle Challenger crash, rink redesigns for the NHL, and the TWA 800 plane crash.

Drawing from each other’s experience and skill sets, we conduct most of our research projects as a collaborative effort among various engineering disciplines.

Some of the many types of projects and cases for which we conduct testing include:

Our team can facilitate any phase of your project – from initial investigation through detailed research, modeling, design and testing of the theories and methodologies using the latest state-of-the-art testing equipment.   We then compile the results and are available to present our findings.

Case Studies

Aircraft – Seats

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Accident Reconstruction Testing

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Seat Failure – Passenger Vehicles

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ARCCA’s Extensive Research, Development & Testing Facilities

Our hands-on engineers use a variety of computerized engineering software, testing tools, and industry-approved practices. We can test a wide variety of dynamic and static situations for multiple applications. Some of our more notable work has been in the areas of sports safety, ambulance and military vehicle occupant safety designs, and occupant restraint systems for ground and air vehicles. And while doing this we continue to apply our testing techniques to new applications.

An added benefit of having on-site testing facilities is that our experts remain involved in the entire process. In doing so, they keep abreast of the all the important elements of the project and are fully prepared for whatever issues arise during research and development.

We use standardized and customized testing, software, and equipment, as well as test fixtures that we have developed, depending on our clients’ project needs. Our team routinely develops and integrates new and innovative testing systems, continually boosting our capabilities.

Our comprehensive testing and research services:

  • Provide you with usable, trustworthy data;
  • Lend credibility to your project or case;
  • Conserve time and money; and
  • Provide you with unbiased, solid solutions to technical issues that will withstand scrutiny.

Research, Development, Testing – ARCCA Can Manage It All.

ARCCA has always relied on research as a means of development and advancement. We have the tools and equipment to conduct a variety of tests, as well as the skills to effectively develop and improve products and systems.

Whether you need to determine how or why something went wrong, identify liability, meet industry safety standards, or develop or improve safety systems and products, ARCCA can help.

We provide a broad range of testing capabilities and R&D services and can transform our findings into whatever format you require, be it reports, models, or expert testimony.

When you need technical expertise for a case or project, ask an expert. Call ARCCA today at 800-700-4944 for a free consultation.

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