ARCCA is a multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm for litigation, insurance, military, sports, and more.

ARCCA has over 30 years of combined experience in the latest technology to evaluate injury causation, equipment failure modes and effects, accident/incident reconstructions, the impact of human factors, and property and premises liability. We can help with all phases of your project or case – from initial investigation and evidence preservation, to design, testing, expert reports, depositions, exhibit preparation, and trial testimony.

Forensic Engineering & Expert Witness Consulting

ARCCA’s engineering teams are comprised of a wide range of technical disciplines, such as biomechanics, accident reconstruction, crashworthiness, failure analysis, human factors, premises liability, and fire and explosion. Our experts use cutting edge technology and software during their investigations and research. This enables them to identify and analyze the facts of a case or claim in an expedited and cost-effective manner. All of this combined allows our experts to prepare comprehensive reports of their final findings.

Sports Biomechanics & Human Performance

Our biomechanical engineers have considerable experience in analyzing the cause of injuries, as well as their prevention. They work with professional sports teams and manufacturers to research, test, and design athletic equipment to improve player safety and protection from injury.

Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation

ARCCA’s wide range of expertise and on-site testing facilities enable us to conduct our clients’ needs in-house. Our engineers have the opportunity to perform hands on testing themselves. This approach allows our engineers to be involved with their testing from start to finish, resulting in effective final findings.

Case Studies

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3D Laser Scanning

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