The ARCCA Advantage – Experience, Service, Expertise, and Credibility.

We specialize in figuring out what happened, or what could happen, over a wide range of situations and from the viewpoint of multiple technical disciplines. When clients have questions about a project, case, or claim and need an expert to analyze the facts and circumstances, ARCCA can help. Our team of highly credentialed experts, our technical excellence, and our research and testing capabilities have earned us a national reputation for what we refer to as “The ARCCA Advantage – Experience, Service, Expertise, and Credibility.” It has been ARCCA’s mission to provide technical excellence and the highest quality deliverables to our clients in the fields of forensic engineering and scientific analysis. Insurance companies, law firms, sports agencies, and government agencies, along with corporate safety, claims, and risk management departments, trust ARCCA’s expertise and reliable service. Our engineering team is comprised of experts with a wide range of technical disciplines, such as injury biomechanics, accident/incident reconstruction, component and system failure analysis/engineering, transportation, fire and explosion, property, human factors, and premises liability.  

We manage projects of all types and all sizes.

We provide technical consultation to organizations in the sports, government, insurance, and litigation sectors. Some of our notable clients include the National Hockey League and other major sports organizations, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, the FBI, NIOSH, FEMA, NASA and NTSB, as well as most major insurance companies and law firms. Our extensive on-site testing facilities streamline the process for our clients, saving them time and money. We assist our government and sports clients with all phases of their projects, from initial investigation to problem assessment, design, testing, and implementation. ARCCA handles all stages of insurance and litigation cases from triage and investigation to testing, expert reports, depositions, exhibit preparation, trial testimony, and evidence preservation. Utilizing a structured, scientific, and collaborative approach, we uncover the information clients need and translate our forensic and scientific investigations into clear, concise, and credible findings.

ARCCA's Core Capabilities

At ARCCA we provide a full range of forensic, scientific and engineering services.

We use state-of-the-art technology in conjunction with generally accepted scientific principles to evaluate injury causation, equipment failure modes and effects, accident/incident reconstructions, human factors, and property and premises liability analysis. Our on-site testing facility allows us to test and validate our findings. Our core capabilities include:

Forensic Engineering & Expert Witness Consulting:

Our experts use cutting edge technology and software during their investigations and research. This enables them to identify and analyze the facts of a case or claim in an expedited and cost-effective manner. All of this combined allows our experts to accurately prepare comprehensive reports of their final findings.

Sports Biomechanics & Human Performance:

Our biomechanics experts have considerable experience in analyzing the causes of injuries, as well as their prevention. They also work with sports teams and manufacturers to research, test, and design athletic equipment to improve player safety and protection from injury.

Testing and Evaluation:

ARCCA’s diverse areas of expertise and on-site testing facilities enable us to conduct all of our clients’ needs in-house. Since our engineers perform actual “hands on” testing, the process is far more efficient and reliable, resulting in reduced costs to the client.


ARCCA was founded in 1987 by well-known crash expert and engineer, Alan Cantor, and one of the company’s first projects was working with NASA and McDonnell Douglas to evaluate the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. ARCCA’s investigation led to the mandatory inclusion of new survival items on all subsequent US Space Shuttle missions.

Since then, we have been involved in numerous high-profile events such as the TWA 800 plane crash, soldier blast protection during the Iraqi war, and projects such as the redesign of professional hockey rinks to reduce player head trauma. ARCCA experts typically find themselves testifying or simply communicating their highly technical findings in a manner that is easy to understand.

The quality and breadth of our services make ARCCA a leader in our industry.

Research and Testing facilities

Since we conduct our own research and testing, our hands-on engineering staff remains involved throughout the entire process, which produces the most effective results. Through our testing and research practices, we have expanded our capabilities, built many of our own test fixtures, and now can simulate and test a wide variety of dynamic and static situations. We provide unbiased, solid solutions to technical issues that withstand scrutiny. Some examples of our work in this area include sports safety, where our biomechanical engineers are researching, developing and testing designs to protect players and prevent injury, and the development of safer designs for ambulances and military vehicles by our mechanical engineers, as well as the safety and design of vehicle seating and restraint systems for both ground and air vehicles.

Technical excellence

Technical excellence is the driving force at ARCCA. We use the latest technologies and methods to provide objective solutions with the highest degree of accuracy. Our engineers have worked on thousands of cases and have exceptionally high levels of training in their practice areas. They stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and have access to on-site, state-of-the-art equipment to provide clients with the most relevant testing and unbiased solutions. Many also publish their work in noted scientific journals and are patent holders for leading technology items.
While we are experts in our field, we also take pride in the customer service we offer our clients. The following approaches allow ARCCA to serve its clients in the best possible way:

Collaborative team approach

Our specialized engineering experts at ARCCA do not function only within their own respective areas of expertise but, rather, they collaborate on projects, sharing their ideas and insights in order to create synergistic solutions. By using this collaborative approach, we can manage complex projects, efficiently relay data across various disciplines, consider issues from multiple angles, and create a collegial, positive work environment, all of which result in a better overall experience for our clients. And because we serve as a one-stop shop for a myriad of engineering projects, we rarely have to hire outside expertise, resulting in a cost savings benefit to our clients.

Excellent customer service

At ARCCA, we strive to provide quality service, and the communicative experience we share with our clients helps to build and maintain solid relationships. We pride ourselves on our fair billing practices, efficient communication, and quick response times. And because multiple staff members work on every project we undertake, our clients always have access to an ARCCA team member who can keep them abreast of the status of their project, case or claim.
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