5 Springtime Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

man on motorcycle riding on paved road

Spring has finally sprung for most of the country, and the weather is starting to warm up.  Finally, motorcycle season is here, which means it’s time to remind drivers to…..

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Join ARCCA at the 67th International Annual Meeting of HFES!

graphic comparing foot placement distance on a set of stairs

ARCCA is thrilled to announce we will be attending the 67th International Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomic Society (HFES)! This year’s meeting will be at the Washington…..

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Fuel Contamination – Gasoline vs. Diesel Fuel

A man picking up a diesel fuel pump

In recent news, gasoline distributed to multiple gas stations in Florida has suspected to have been contaminated with diesel fuel. The contamination could have serious consequences – at the time…..

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Human Factors Presentation at Slips, Trips, and Falls International Conference

a bone angle overlay on a man walking down stairs

One of ARCCA’s forensic experts Catalina Mantilla, Ph.D. recently presented ‘The Importance of Foot Posture Strategies at Initial Contact during Stair Descent for Forensic Incident Investigations’ at the Slips, Trips,…..

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Check out our recent publication in NAFE

Two lift carts underneath a stadium

A multidisciplinary team of ARCCA experts recently published ‘Nondestructive Forensic Investigation of a Scissor Lift Fatality’ in Vol. 40 No. 1 of the Journal of the National Academy of Forensic…..

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Can My Video Be Enhanced?

zoomed in footage of a car crash from a surveillance camera

“Stop… Right there… Zoom, enhance!” We’ve all seen this happen on TV – a suspect is caught on a grainy security camera, but the skilled technicians of the crime lab…..

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ARCCA’s New Video Forensic Capabilities

video still from a surveilance camera at night in a parking lot

ARCCA is excited to announce a new addition to our capabilities: we now have an in-house Axon Certified Forensic Video Examiner. This improves on our existing video investigation and analysis…..

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Fractographic Analysis of The Shards of Narsil

Fractology of Sword

In The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Boromir discovers that the pieces of the sword Narsil are being kept at Rivendell. Of course, in the first…..

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Live Collision and Human Kinematics Demonstration

accident reconstruction and forensic investigation

Five of ARCCA’s engineers recently conducted a training session for the Puget Sound Special Investigators focusing on human kinematics during a motor vehicle collision. Amanda Stone, Ph.D., presented on the…..

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