Live Collision and Human Kinematics Demonstration

accident reconstruction and forensic investigation

Five of ARCCA’s engineers recently conducted a training session for the Puget Sound Special Investigators focusing on human kinematics during a motor vehicle collision. Amanda Stone, Ph.D., presented on the…..

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The Glass Bridge from Squid Game

glass bridge from Squid Game

One episode of Squid Game (Netflix, 2021) features a glass bridge consisting of pairs of glass panels where one of the pair is tempered glass and the other is “normal”…..

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Your Forensic Evidence Must Be Stored Properly To Avoid A Spoliation Claim

A storage evidence warehouse with various cars from accidents

Every product liability claim involves a product, right?  And the most basic rules of evidence dictate that that product be stored in an appropriate manner, such that the evidence is…..

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ARCCA Ask an Expert: What Should an Adjuster Know? with Scott Kline

Scott Kline

One of your insured was in an accident – and as their adjuster, the case comes across your desk. You might already know that you’ll be retaining a reconstructionist to…..

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ARCCA Ask an Expert: How to Preserve Data in Heavy Trucks? with Scott Kline

An 18-wheeler driving down a highway

Heavy trucks present a unique set of challenges when attempting to preserve data following an incident. Data can include diagnostic trouble codes, sudden deceleration events, and last stop records. Some…..

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ARCCA Ask an Expert: How Important are Vehicle Inspections? with Scott Kline

An auto collision on the road

After the collision has been documented, the roadway cleared, and wrecks removed, there is still a wealth of information to be gained by examining a subject vehicle. Performing an in-person…..

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Introducing Luis Vargas, Ph.D.

Luis Vargas

Introducing Luis Vargas, Ph.D. from ARCCA’s Chicago office!

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ARCCA Ask an Expert: What Makes a Good Statement? with Scott Kline

Scott Kline

Scene photographs and EDR data are essential tools in accident reconstruction, but often reconstructionists rely on witness statements and sworn testimony for critical pieces of information. Not all statements are…..

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Incidental Finding or Trauma? Using Biomechanics to Assess Workplace Claims

Biomechanics Neck Injury

Workplace safety and efficiency are crucial to organizational success and worker satisfaction alike. Unclear or inconsistent procedures for the timely, methodical, and objective evaluation and resolution of workplace injury claims…..

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