GPS Data Use In Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction


While tracking GPS data from some commercial vehicles has been available for a while, utilizing this data from taxis, police vehicles and tractor trailers is becoming more and more prevalent.

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What’s in Your Roadside Emergency Kit?


With the warmer weather, there will be an increase in drivers taking to the roadways for vacation travel and, sometimes, having an auto club membership or a newer vehicle with…..

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Why That Toolbox Or Suitcase In Your Vehicle’s Trunk Could Cause Serious Injuries

Suitcase or toolbox in trunk

Impacts to passengers from loose and improperly packed cargo in automobiles can and do contribute to injuries in traffic accidents.  Just like unrestrained passengers, unrestrained objects in your car will…..

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Make Sure Your Bicycle Helmet Fits Properly To Maximize Protection

Bicycle helmet protection

Bicycle helmets are an integral part of bicycle safety since they can and often do provide a protective effect during a bicycle accident or mishap. A bicycle helmet has three…..

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Protecting Athletes’ Knees Using Biomechanics And Motion Analysis

Knee Injury Pic

Knee injuries are among the most common in sports. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury can be career ending in some cases, while more common pathologies, such as patellofemoral pain syndrome,…..

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When Buying A New Car, Look For Safety Features In The Rear Seats -not Just In The Front

Back Seat Safety - Rear Seat Pic

In the last 10-15 years, the auto industry has implemented a number of safety features for front seat occupants in vehicles sold in the US. In addition to the well‑known…..

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Crane Operators Are A Key Factor In Load Handling Safety

Crane Operator Load Hauling Pic

Crane operation is a highly-specialized, training-intensive, heavily-regulated and safety-critical job function in any organization or environment. When loads are being moved, people are at risk, period. As stated in the…..

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Forensic Image & Video Analysis from On-Vehicle Cameras

ARCCA’s Accident Reconstruction group in Collision Magazine

Check out the latest research conducted by ARCCA’s Accident Reconstruction group in Collision Magazine! ARCCA’s team of accident reconstruction experts remain on the cutting edge of industry trends by participating…..

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The Runaway Diesel Phenomenon

Turbocharger Impeller North Engine

When a diesel engine is exposed to an external fuel source, such as an airborne combustible hydrocarbon in the surrounding environment, it naturally ingests the mixture into the air intake…..

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