ARCCA provides on-site evidence storage services through our subsidiary, Evidence Storage, Inc. ESI is dedicated to the preservation of forensic evidence, offering a secure environment and state-of-the-art resources for evidence storage and handling. We pick up evidence, organize inspections, and make all arrangements for evidence transfer and proper storage. ASTM E1188, ASTM E860, ASTM E1492 and ASTM 1459 Rules and Guidelines are rigorously followed.

ESI can handle all sizes of evidence – from cranes and automobiles to sprinkler heads and other small components. ESI’s rates are competitive – most likely less than your local storage facility – while offering the additional value of understanding and following appropriate evidence handling methods. We have state-of-the-art security and inspection bays with high-intensity lighting for proper evidence examination. We also offer photography and videography support by experienced evidence technicians.

For your evidence storage needs, please contact ESI at 215-598-9750 or by email – Michael Markushewski at  You can also contact Gus Lang, our Warehouse Manager, at 215-622-1883 or








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