ARCCA was founded in 1987 by Alan Cantor, an engineer who specializes in protecting people during crash events. Prior to founding ARCCA, Mr. Cantor was credited with developing new life-saving occupant seating and restraint systems. The systems he worked on are still used today and have resulted in a significant reduction in fatalities and major injuries.

One of ARCCA’s first projects was to work with NASA and McDonnell Douglas in evaluating the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster and, as a result of this effort, new survival items became mandatory in all future U.S. Space Shuttle missions.

In the ensuing years, ARCCA grew by attracting top experts in a variety of technical disciplines. They all share a passion for their technical craft and exhibit the highest technical and ethical standards. Continuing today, ARCCA attracts only the best engineers and scientists in each field of endeavor. Employees thrive in the collaborative environment at each of the ARCCA offices. In fact, many ARCCA employees have celebrated more than 15 years with the company, and a significant number have been with us for more than 20 years.

Over the past 30 years, ARCCA has continued to maintain its founder’s original vision of technical excellence and teamwork to provide the highest quality deliverables for its clients. In the 1990’s, ARCCA focused on expanding its technical and geographic reach. This led to the opening of offices around the country and attracted top-quality biomechanists, mechanical engineers, metallurgists, and human factors experts, to name a few.

Today, ARCCA’s experts are recognized by professional sports organizations, the U.S. government, insurance companies, and law firms as being topnotch in their respective fields. With offices throughout the country, ARCCA satisfies its clients’ expectations in a professional, timely, and economical manner.