For over 30 years, clients have trusted ARCCA’s experts to analyze the facts and determine what really happened. Our seasoned experts all have professional credentials and extensive experience in their specialized fields. This functional expertise and depth of experience make ARCCA the preferred choice of corporations, professional sports leagues, government agencies, law firms, and insurance companies.

Who We Are

ARCCA, founded by well-known crash expert and engineer Alan Cantor, began with projects for NASA, McDonnell Douglas, and the U.S. Navy where we identified new survival items for U.S. Space Shuttles and military air vehicles. In addition, we focused on the design and testing of occupant seating and restraint systems in all types of vehicles in order to improve occupant safety, and that work continues today.

During the last 30 years, our technical depth and breadth have grown significantly. We now have world-class experts in the fields of biomechanics, metallurgy, and all types of engineering. Our experts investigate product, equipment, and machinery failures of all kinds, and our biomechanics team evaluates forces to the human body. In each case, we look at system limits and performance, as well as failures. Today, our functional teams can be seen as: Forensic Engineering, Sports Injury & Human Performance, and R&D and Testing.

We have onsite lab and testing facilities where we conduct our own research and testing. ARCCA also has an Evidence Storage facility dedicated to the preservation of forensic evidence. All sizes of evidence, ranging from a crane, to an automobile, to a sprinkler head, can be securely stored at ARCCA.

What We Do

We can help with all phases of your project or case – from initial investigation and evidence preservation to design, testing, expert reports, depositions, exhibit preparation, and trial testimony. Our experts use the latest technology in conjunction with scientific principles to evaluate injury causation, equipment failure modes and effects, accident/incident reconstructions, the impact of human factors, and property and premises liability. We have the ability to test and validate our findings in our onsite testing facility and then translate our findings into clear, credible, and useful data.

Our core capabilities include:

Forensic Engineering & Expert Witness Consulting

Our engineers use a variety of scientific and cutting-edge industry tools, practices, and software during their investigations and research. They identify and analyze all of the facts in a process, case, or claim, relay their findings to the client via a comprehensive, easy to understand report, and are available to provide expert testimony in court.

Sports Biomechanics & Human Performance

Our biomechanical experts analyze injury causation, as well as how injuries can be prevented. They also work with sports teams and manufacturers to research, test, and design athletic equipment to improve player safety and protection from injury.

Testing and Evaluation

At ARCCA, our extensive on-site testing and research facilities enable us to manage all of our clients’ needs in-house, making the process much more convenient for them. Our hands-on approach to testing streamlines research and development, making the results more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective for our clients.

Who We Help

Our clientele is vast and includes law firms, insurance companies, sports teams, product manufacturers, government agencies, and the private sector. ARCCA provides services for any organization needing help with forensic, scientific, or engineering issues.

Our R&D group provides technical consultation to governmental agencies such as the U.S. Military, NIOSH, FEMA and NASA, as well as the National Hockey League and other sports organizations. Our experts are particularly skilled in the areas of human tolerance to injury and protection/survivability, which have many real-world, litigation, and corporate applications.

ARCCA has investigated thousands of crashes of all types of vehicles and aircraft and has successfully completed contracts relating to safer designs for ambulances, military vehicles, and occupant protection components and systems. Our mechanical engineers have not only completed extensive failure analysis, and safety testing on consumer products, but have also developed new products. Our biomechanical engineers have researched, developed, and tested designs to improve player safety for the NHL, as well as other sports organizations, and perform tests using anthropomorphic devices and human test subjects. And our engineering staff is skilled at evaluating technical problems ranging from fire cause and origin to determining the cause of complex system performance, and everything in between.

seatbelt under a microscope

The ARCCA Advantage

Our commitment to excellence and hard work has earned our company a national reputation for what we call “The ARCCA Advantage – Experience, Service, Expertise, and Credibility.”

There are several practices and values we uphold that greatly benefit our clients:

Our collaborative team approach: Our engineering experts at ARCCA collaborate on projects, pooling their expertise to create comprehensive, synergistic solutions. This collaborative approach not only makes for a positive work environment, but enables us to more efficiently relay data and manage large projects to better serve our clients.

Our technical excellence: Our experts, many of whom have advanced degrees and technical training, provide the most accurate and objective solutions based on facts and test results while using the latest technologies. We do not cater to biases, but rather pride ourselves on delivering results with the highest degree of integrity and accuracy.

Our excellent customer service: Quality, reliable customer service is very important to everyone at ARCCA. When you work with us, you can expect a communicative experience, fair billing practices, and fast reply times. We have multiple team members working on our projects, which allows us to respond quickly to your questions and requests.

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