Slips, Trips and Falls in the Hospitality Industry: The Role of Forensic Experts During Incident Investigations

wet floor sign in hotel

Eating out in restaurants has, and always will be, a highly popular practice within social activities. In the United States, food service and drinking sales have steadily increased in the…..

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To See And Be Seen – Make Sure You And Your Bicycle Have The Right Lights

bicycle lights

Bicyclists are essentially invisible to motorists at night and hence should and must, per state laws, take the necessary precaution to see and be seen. Every state requires a white…..

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ARCCA Ask an Expert: What are Good Scene Photographs? with Scott Kline

Scott Kline

A picture is worth a thousand words – and scene photographs even more so. However, not all photographs are good ones, and the kind that are might surprise you! That’s…..

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Would ADAS Have Stopped Buddy The Elf From Getting Hit By A Car?

advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), Elf_StillFrame

On a brisk December morning in the early 2000s, an elf-involved collision occurred at an intersection in midtown Manhattan. To an accident reconstructionist asked to evaluate this incident, there are…..

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ARCCA Ask an Expert: What To Do After An Accident? with Scott Kline

Scott Kline

After an accident, there are likely many things going through a person’s mind – their safety, that of other drivers, how they will get to work the next day –…..

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Check Out Tim Joganich’s Recent Panel Discussion

bicyclist riding in bike lane next to cars

One of ARCCA’s Senior Consultants Tim Joganich, M.S., CHFP, recently co-authored the panel discussion  ‘Safety Considerations for Cyclists and Pedestrians’ in the Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonoics Society…..

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Check out Brendan Morse’s appearance on the Trucksafe LIVE! podcast!

Trucksafe LIVE! podcast logo

ARCCA’s Brendan Morse recently appeared as a guest on the Trucksafe LIVE! podcast to discuss the anatomy of a commercial vehicle accident, including what steps fleets and drivers should take…..

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Automotive Seat Belt Torsion Bars – What Are The Design Issues? – Part 2

Seat Belt Torsion Bar

In Automotive Seat Belt Torsion Bars – Design Issues Part 1, the design philosophy behind the use of load limiting Automotive Seat Belt Torsion Bars and their risks and purported…..

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Automotive Seat Belt Torsion Bars – What Are They And What Do They Do? – Part 1

Seat Belt Safety

  Seat belts in cars contain a device called a “seat belt retractor”. This device holds the seat belt webbing and also contains a seat belt locking mechanism that activates…..

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