As I take a moment to reflect back on our many years of performing accident reconstructions, I am astounded by the vast diversity of the reconstructions and how the methods…..

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Why Accident Reconstructionists Use Drag Sleds

drag sled

One of my first experiences investigating accidents occurred early in my career when I was working as a police officer. When a call came in involving a traffic accident and…..

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Driverless Cars: Dream To Reality

If you’re anything like me, you were a Hasselhoff fan long before his days of running around LA beaches rescuing people. “The Hoff” got his big break playing the lead…..

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Be Safe This Winter: Use Caution When Driving In Snow Or Ice

Winter Road - Winter Driving Snow and Ice

With the recent record snows in the Northeast, as well as the first significant snows in years in some of the western states, it should go without saying that we…..

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Do You Know The Difference Between Arson And An Incendiary Fire?

Heavy Truck Fire

American English has a rich and complex history, having first incorporated words from many different colonization and immigration waves, and then in recent history having invented or created words for…..

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Using Laser Rangefinders In Accident Reconstruction

I was out on the golf course this summer with my father-in-law, who is a single digit handicap golfer, and he pulled out his laser rangefinder to give me the…..

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Arcca Appears On Cbs News Regarding Vehicle Seat Failures

seatback failure

A segment aired on CBS This Morning, CBS Eyewitness News Philly, and CBS Evening News yesterday, highlighting the issue of seat back failure and the efforts being made by ARCCA…..

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Accessing Crash Data From Vehicle Black Boxes

Car crash dangerous accident on the road.

In August 2006, NHSTA established a new set of guidelines on Event Data Recorders, or vehicle ‘black boxes’. While vehicle black boxes had been around in some vehicles for over…..

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Vehicle Fires: How to Prevent Damage With Maintenance

Safety issues related to vehicle fires have been a long-time problem. Not only do large-scale fires involving commercial vehicles cause personal injury and property loss, but they also affect businesses…..

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