Using Laser Rangefinders In Accident Reconstruction

three dimensional laser scan of accident area

I was out on the golf course this summer with my father-in-law, who is a single digit handicap golfer, and he pulled out his laser rangefinder to give me the…..

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ARCCA Appears On CBS News Regarding Vehicle Seat Back Failure

seatback failure

A segment aired on CBS This Morning, CBS Eyewitness News Philly, and CBS Evening News yesterday, highlighting the issue of seat back failure and the efforts being made by ARCCA…..

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Accessing Crash Data From Vehicle Black Boxes

Car crash dangerous accident on the road.

In August 2006, NHSTA established a new set of guidelines on Event Data Recorders, or vehicle ‘black boxes’. While vehicle black boxes had been around in some vehicles for over…..

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Vehicle Fires: How to Prevent Damage With Maintenance

Large truck in a fire accident

Safety issues related to vehicle fires have been a long-time problem. Not only do large-scale fires involving commercial vehicles cause personal injury and property loss, but they also affect businesses…..

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Check Your Brake Lines for Corrosion Warning Signs

Oxidized brake hose which led to car accident

For most people, their vehicle’s braking system is something they take for granted. When they push the brake pedal, they expect the vehicle to slow and come to a stop……

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When Can a Cyclist Legally Pass Cars on the Right?

bicyclist riding in bike lane next to cars

State traffic statutes often present a conundrum for cyclists who are confronted with backed up traffic in a single lane when there is a suitable shoulder (heading in the same…..

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How To Prevent Your Child From Becoming A Heat Stroke Victim

todler being strapped into a car seat

Heat stroke is a serious risk for children left unattended in cars. The Kids and Cars organization reports that on average 38 children will die from heat stroke in a…..

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Workplace Ladder Falls: The Danger Of Overreaching

Ladder Overreach

On Wednesday, June 10, 2015, I attended the American Society of Safety Engineers Annual Conference to present “Overreaching on Ladders: Motivated to Succeed or Fail?”  This presentation was part of…..

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Safety Hierarchy And Its Role In Engineering Design And Accident Prevention

Hierarchy of Controls Infographic

Machinery and equipment pose many safety hazards in the workplace and to the consumer at home.  However, the application of safety hazard analysis and the priorities for accident prevention remain…..

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