Meet Jackie Lewis Devine – ARCCA’s Expert Of The Week

Jackie Lewis

JACQUELINE M. LEWIS, PhD Dr. Lewis is a Senior Biomechanist specializing in injury causation, as well as joint and spinal biomechanics. When an accident happens, Jackie can perform an injury…..

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Why You Need A Qualified Biomechanical Engineer To Determine Injury Causation


Biomechanical engineers apply the laws of physics and the tools and approaches of mechanical engineering to the joints and tissues of the human body. They investigate the response of the…..

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Did That Damage To The Vehicle’s Bumper Occur As Reported Or Was It Enhanced?

expert accessing car crash and determining cause

Accident reconstructionists are often asked to determine whether the damage to a vehicle’s bumper is consistent with the reported accident or crash. While performing an inspection and analysis of the…..

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Meet Mike Markushewski – ARCCA’s Expert Of The Week

Mike Markushewski

MICHAEL MARKUSHEWSKI, BSMET Since 1985, Mr. Markushewski has been a recognized leader in the field of accident reconstruction, crashworthiness and occupant protection. He is currently Vice President and Chief Technical…..

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What To Know Before Placing Anything In Your Vehicle’s Trunk

open car trunk

The problem of unrestrained cargo in vehicles is an issue that has been known about for years but has not been sufficiently addressed by the federal government and the auto…..

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Why Inspecting The Crash Site Can Be Invaluable To Accident Reconstructionists

meter measuring wheel

When an accident reconstruction expert is investigating how an accident happened, a site inspection can provide vital information. This was shown to be true in a case where early one…..

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Experts Dave Gushue And Shawn Harrington To Speak At Iasiu 2016

Dave Gushue and Shawn Harrington

If you’re attending the IASIU meeting at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas (Sept. 11-14), be sure to catch the following presentations by two of our premier experts: DAVID…..

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The Latest News In Bicycle Helmet Design

Cycling riding through a field

The current design of bicycle helmets entails an EPS (expanded polystyrene) liner with fixed a hard plastic outer shell cover. The EPS liner is the primary protective design feature that…..

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And You Thought You Had A Bad Day…

automobile accident in house

Some people have bad days that just get worse. As an accident reconstructionist, I’ve experienced some cases where the driver just could not catch a break. John was driving his…..

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