Meet Sam Wordeman – Arcca’s Expert Of The Week

SAMUEL C. WORDEMAN, PH.D. Sam is a Senior Biomechanist at ARCCA specializing in biomechanics, injury tolerance, biomechanical failure mechanisms and accident reconstruction. He is experienced in investigating the response of…..

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A Fatal Elevator Accident Investigation: The Steps Taken To Determine The Cause

Mechanical failure claims

About 27 people are killed in elevator accidents each year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the CPSC. Injuries from elevators affect about 10,200 people per year,…..

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Meet Tim Joganich – Arcca’s Expert Of The Week

Tim Joganich

TIMOTHY JOGANICH, MSES, C.H.F.P. Tim has over 20 years’ experience in the sciences of human movement, biomechanics, and human factors. He specializes in the analysis of bicycle accidents and helmet…..

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Residential Fire Sprinker Systems – The Pros And Cons

fire sprinkler

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) residential sprinkler initiative was launched in 2009 in an attempt to get sprinklers installed for new residential construction. The idea was relatively simple. Properly…..

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Meet Don Eisentraut – Arcca’s Expert Of The Week

Don Eisentraut

DONALD EISENTRAUT, BSME, P.E., ACTAR Don is a mechanical engineer specializing in vehicular accident reconstruction and the forensic analysis of crash protection systems and components. He is recognized as a…..

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Meet Jackie Lewis Devine – Arcca’s Expert Of The Week

Jackie Lewis

JACQUELINE M. LEWIS, PhD Dr. Lewis is a Senior Biomechanist specializing in injury causation, as well as joint and spinal biomechanics. When an accident happens, Jackie can perform an injury…..

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Why You Need A Qualified Biomechanical Engineer To Determine Injury Causation


Biomechanical engineers apply the laws of physics and the tools and approaches of mechanical engineering to the joints and tissues of the human body. They investigate the response of the…..

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Did That Damage To The Vehicle’s Bumper Occur As Reported Or Was It Enhanced?

expert accessing car crash and determining cause

Accident reconstructionists are often asked to determine whether the damage to a vehicle’s bumper is consistent with the reported accident or crash. While performing an inspection and analysis of the…..

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Meet Mike Markushewski – Arcca’ S Expert Of The Week

Mike Markushewski

MICHAEL MARKUSHEWSKI, BSMET Since 1985, Mr. Markushewski has been a recognized leader in the field of accident reconstruction, crashworthiness and occupant protection. He is currently Vice President and Chief Technical…..

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