Research Performed by ARCCA’s Engineers Validates the Use of Google Earth Pro in Accident Reconstruction

ARCCA Google Earth Pro

We are pleased to announce that a technical paper researched and authored by a team of ARCCA’s engineers has just been approved for publication by the SAE (Society of Automotive…..

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Formula E Racing – 199mph And No Drivers!

AI powered driverless car

Autonomous racing? Robot cars racing each other, humans programming them, and no risk to humans involved in 199 MPH collisions? Sounds like a video game, but it’s real. And it…..

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ARCCA Expert to Present Slips, Trips & Falls Webinar

construction site slip injury

Slips, trips and falls occur on a regular basis and for a variety of reasons. Dr. Angela Levitan, PhD, a Senior Biomechanist and Certified Professional Ergonomist at ARCCA, will discuss…..

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Self-driving Vehicles – The Legislative Balance Between Consumer Safety V. Market Growth

legal scale

One of the most interesting innovations that will shake out of the autonomous vehicle revolution will be the legislation of this new segment. As of now, legislation is left up…..

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Meet Peter Chen – ARCCA’s Expert Of The Week

Peter Chen

PETER CHEN, M.S.M.E., M.B.A., P.E. Peter is a Mechanical Engineer at ARCCA specializing in Product Failure/Liability, Car and Truck Failure Analysis, Industrial Equipment (manufacturing, production, assembly, construction and HVAC), Worksite…..

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Connected While Driving? You’d Be Surprised At The Data Your Vehicle Is Storing


Every year, the auto industry attempts to innovate new ways to make the driving experience “smarter” to compete with the rapidly changing smartphone and device segment. The in-dash infotainment center…..

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Meet Gary Whitman – ARCCA’s Expert Of The Week

Gary Whitman

GARY WHITMAN, B.S.M.E. Gary is Director of Crashworthiness at ARCCA and is a premier expert in the fields of occupant crash protection, restraint systems, emergency escape, crash safety and survival,…..

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Autonomous Vehicles: Who’s At Fault When There’s A Robot At The Wheel?

Car with headlights on and a caption reading, "Crash Axe"

We are fascinated by the issue of liability when autonomous vehicles are involved in accidents. Let’s set individual state-by-state rules for autonomous vehicles aside for a moment (we will cover…..

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Weekly News About Autonomous Vehicles – Introducing Crashaxe

vehicles vulnerable to cyber-attack

Welcome to our new CrashAxe Newsletter – your weekly source for the latest information in the world of autonomous vehicles. Here we go… As part of a ten-day pilot program that began early…..

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