Weekly News About Autonomous Vehicles – Introducing Crashaxe

vehicles vulnerable to cyber-attack

Welcome to our new CrashAxe Newsletter – your weekly source for the latest information in the world of autonomous vehicles. Here we go… As part of a ten-day pilot program that began early…..

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Bicycle Riding In The Dark – How To Stay Safe


With the days being shorter in the winter season, bicycle riding at night, dawn, or dusk greatly increases your risk of an accident as compared to riding during daylight hours……

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Meet Brian Benda – Arcca’s Expert Of The Week

BRIAN BENDA, Ph.D. Dr. Benda is a senior biomechanist specializing in the structural mechanics of the human body, forensic biomechanics, the study of human injury mechanisms and the interaction of…..

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Material Failure – Differences Between Ductile & Brittle Fractures


When materials break, or fracture, they do so in one of two modes – ductile or brittle. For ductile fracture, picture chewing gum. After the gum has been chewed some,…..

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Air Travel Woes – Many Non-flight Injuries Occur In Airports, Not Just In The Air

Airplane Staircase

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) reported that U.S. airlines and foreign airlines serving the United States carried an all-time high of 895.5 million system-wide (domestic…..

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Meet Dan Mcdonough – Arcca’s Expert Of The Week

DANIEL McDONOUGH, P.E., ACTAR Dan is a mechanical expert specializing in the analyses of residential, industrial, commercial and construction machinery and equipment incidents with regard to safety, code compliance, fire…..

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Water Damage In Your Home Or Business – Could Dezincification Be The Cause?

dezincified copper

Water losses can be overwhelming for property owners and residents, and the cost of repairs can be very high. Many times dezincification of plumbing components is indicated as the cause…..

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An Update On The Seat Back Failure Issue

ARCCA Experts testing seatback failure

Further to our previous blog regarding the serious issue of vehicle seat back failures, Forbes has just published an article by Christopher Jensen, a reporter who has been covering auto…..

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