Amanda Stone, Ph.D.

Seattle Office

3455 Thorndyke Avenue W, Suite 206
Seattle, WA 98119


Dr. Stone is a Senior Biomechanist specializing in injury biomechanics and human factors. During her doctorate program at the University of Florida, she focused primarily on cognition and biomechanics following a lower extremity injury, or in persons with neurologic or orthopedic issues. She continued this work on lower extremity biomechanics through her joint post-doctoral fellowship at the Puget Sound Veterans Hospital and University of Washington.

At ARCCA, Amanda has established a niche well suited for her background analyzing slip and trip incidents which involve biomechanics, human factors, and codes/standards. In addition to ambulatory-type cases, she assesses injury causation and injury mechanisms for a variety of incidents, including motor vehicle collisions and work place incidents. She has training in human factors principles related to driving which is beneficial for analyzing driver response during incidents such as pedestrian impacts and nighttime driving, as well as specialized training in video analysis, which is useful for analyzing dash cameras and surveillance videos. Dr. Stone has continued to conduct research at ARCCA focusing on tolerance thresholds, quantification of occupant motion and bodily loads during motor vehicle collisions, and material deformation properties.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology, University of Florida, 2018
  • Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering, Oregon State University, 2013


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