ARCCA’s experts are experienced and skilled at conducting a variety of tests in-house. In addition to our dynamic test capabilities, we routinely conduct static and quasi static testing for the evaluation of products that are under development, involved in research programs or for which an independent analysis is required. Our test fixtures, as well as test prototypes, are fabricated in-house by our highly skilled engineers.

During ARCCA’s long history with the U.S. military, we have designed and constructed many static and quasi-static test fixtures used to evaluate products that are designed to protect military personnel in a warfare environment. From automotive seating systems to component parts for occupant protection systems, ARCCA has vast experience in the evaluation of all types of products under realistic loading environments as well as real-world loading conditions. ARCCA routinely conducts static testing on equipment and/or products such as:

  • Life-saving devices in automobiles and automobile safety components (seats, seat belts, airbags, etc.)
  • Ambulances and ambulance equipment
  • Doors, bumper systems, seats, mirrors, wheels/suspension components
  • Child safety equipment, such as child safety seats
  • Aircraft safety equipment for both aircraft and ground support
  • Construction equipment
  • Military equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Sports equipment
  • Heavy truck equipment
  • Firefighter equipment
  • Consumer products
  • Mechanical devices
  • Oxygen equipment
  • Flooring surfaces with certified tribometers