ARCCA’s failure analysis engineers investigate cases from a broad range of industries. Past ARCCA cases have included commercial goods, household items, manufacturing equipment, construction equipment, power tools, biomedical and healthcare devices, fine art, food safety and more. ARCCA’s failure analysis experts’ function as both forensic investigators and as engineers. In the initial forensic stage of an investigation, the engineer interprets the physical evidence to narrow down the most likely sequence of events in a failure and/or accident. In the continued engineering analysis, the expert performs a critical review of how the devices involved in the case were designed and used, and how device function and/or human actions played roles in the sequence of events.
The engineer will often develop an alternative design or methodology and test that alternative design to demonstrate other, often time, readily available technology that would have prevented the mishap. ARCCA experts are uniquely qualified to help a client understand how simple or complex devices function, and also how those devices fail – whether due to wear and tear, misuse, defective design, or other factors. In addition, ARCCA is an engineering company focused on safety issues whose experts often investigate and offer opinions on whether equipment and consumer products were designed with appropriate safety features.

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