Accident Reconstruction

Moving fluently between the courtroom and the underside of an 18-wheeler, ARCCA’s accident reconstructionists blend their unique combination of research and experience with an insatiable desire to understand the truth. Whether it’s pioneering new 3D scanning methodologies, crisscrossing the globe to validate measuring technologies, or flying a drone above the road to record a busy intersection at rush hour, we take pride in contributing to the peer-reviewed and generally-accepted methodologies we utilize in our analyses.

From rush responses on high-profile cases to infotainment imagings for unsolved State Police crimes, ARCCA’s accident reconstructionists are called upon to help our clients when they need nationally-renowned expertise. We take pride in digging deeper; every detail is consumed, analyzed and synthesized into intelligent deliverables. Research, testing, and publishing are the foundation of our extensive experience.


We lead our Forensic Animation Division, where we create stunning and scientifically-accurate 3D visuals for our clients. Working directly with our talented team, we create admissible and defendable visual representations of our scientific opinions. Utilizing the latest in 3D technology, ARCCA’s accident reconstructionists digitally preserve and visually illustrate the physical evidence.

ARCCA’s accident reconstructionists push the boundaries in their respective fields, and our clients and juries are the ultimate beneficiaries.