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Moving fluently between the courtroom and the underside of an 18-wheeler, ARCCA’s accident reconstructionists blend their unique combination of research and experience with a never-ending desire to understand the truth. Our experience in cases where the critical detail involves perception-reaction, lighting, commercial vehicles, autonomous vehicles, or high-quality visuals is why ARCCA’s accident reconstructionists are called upon to help our clients in need of nationally-renowned expertise.

Using a foundation of math and science and applying the scientific method to every collision, we take pride in digging deeper, and every detail is analyzed to determine what really happened.

Case Studies

3D Laser Scanning

A fundamental method for establishing delta-V is to determine the amount of crush that occurs to a vehicle ...[Read more]

Black Box/EDR Passenger Vehicles

Passenger car and light truck data recorders were originally developed by car manufacturers as diagnostic tools, with the ...[Read more]

Bicycle / Vehicle Accident

Bicyclist was hit by a vehicle making a left turn at an intersection.   Who was at fault?    

Line of Sight

Most accident cases require a thorough analysis of all of the potential collision scenarios.  ARCCA’s accident reconstructionists have ...[Read more]

Fatality Investigation

ARCCA biomechanical engineers along with our crashworthiness and accident reconstruction engineers evaluated a case involving a fatality linked ...[Read more]

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For over 30 years, clients have trusted ARCCA’s experts to analyze the facts and determine what really happened. Our seasoned experts all have professional credentials and extensive experience in their specialized fields. This functional expertise and depth of experience make ARCCA the preferred choice of corporations, professional sports leagues, government agencies, law firms, and insurance companies.

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