Property damage and loss can occur from a variety of causes.   Whether it be a natural cause (storms, hail, wind, rain) or from fire/explosions, plumbing/water damage, structural failures, electrical issues or construction defects, ARCCA’s engineers have the expertise and experience necessary to investigate, assess and determine the cause of your property loss.

Electrical Issues: While nothing has advanced or technologically changed properties and buildings as much as electrical power distribution, electrical systems, and the use of electronics, we generally don’t think too much about it – until the power goes out. That’s when our engineers step in.   They have the experience and expertise to determine what happened, whether it be an electrical issue due to mechanical failure, improperly installed electrical power, an electrical fire, or any other cause.

Structural Failures and Construction Defects: Buildings and other structures can fail or become damaged from a variety of different causes.   In addition to determining whether a particular incident was the result of a structural failure or construction defect, ARCCA’s engineers will also ascertain whether the issue resulted from the original structure’s construction or design; a change, modification, or alteration to either the structure or the loads imparted to the structure; normal age/wear and tear; or the result of a lack of maintenance.

Storm, Wind & Hail Damage: Damage to property and buildings from nature can come in many different forms, and sometimes it is necessary to determine the exact or proximate cause. For example, a building damaged in a hurricane by flooding water may have had water intrusion from a variety of sources, such as storm surge (coastal water), overflow of bodies of water, or heavy rain water entrainment into broken windows/skylights/doors. ARCCA’s engineers are experienced in all types of weather-related losses and utilize their engineering and science backgrounds to determine causation.

Water Damage – Residential/Commercial Buildings : Buildings can experience flooding from a multitude of different causes such as plumbing supply failure, fixture failure, drain system failure, fire protection system leaks or failures, operator error, construction incidents, and water migration from adjacent properties above, below, or from the sides. ARCCA’s engineers are experienced in all types of water damage incidents.

Fire & Explosion: Fire is one of the leading causes of property damage and loss. But in addition to fire, there can be ancillary fire damage as the result of putting out the fire, fire spread, or other complicated loss scenarios. ARCCA’s multi-disciplined engineers are well-versed in traditional fire investigations, as well as the complex ancillary damages that can result.

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