A person purchased an off-road Go Kart online.  After some time operating the Go Kart, the person decided to sell it.  While showing it to a prospective buyer, the owner started it by stepping on the brakes (there was a brake/ignition interlock) from outside of the Kart and turning on the key.  The Go Kart lurched forward and struck the prospective buyer.

Steps Taken:

  • ARCCA’s expert performed an examination of the evidence Go Kart, noting the make, model, and manufacturer.

  • The expert performed an operational test.

  • The expert reviewed the standards surrounding the evidence Go Kart.

Final Findings:

ARCCA’s expert discovered that the device was not a Go Kart as defined by the ASTM standards.  Go Karts are designed to be used on relatively flat and paved surfaces.  By design standards, Go Kart brakes must be able to overpower the engine at all times.  The device in this case was actually a Fun Kart.  Fun Karts are designed for horsepower and off-roading and, by design, the brakes may not overpower the engine.  Fun Karts require that the driver be seated in the cart at all times while the engine is on.  The interlocked ignition and brake pedal switch were insufficient to prevent the owner from starting the device while not seated.

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