Boom Lifts are aerial work platforms in which the platform is located at the end of a telescoping boom attached to a turntable mounted on top of a chassis. An ARCCA expert was called to investigate an incident in which a worker using a boom lift was crushed underneath the spans of an overhead bridge. There was an allegation that the boom lift malfunctioned.


Steps Taken:

  • ARCCA’s expert performed a full walk-around visual inspection of the lift, followed by a ground control and platform control checkout of the lift.
  • The maintence records were reviewed.
  • The expert reviewed all applicable standards.
  • The expert reviewed all site and scene incident photographs.

Final Findings:

Based on the evidence inspection, the lift had no control malfunctions. Photographs revealed that the operator had the speed control set to high. Photographs also revealed that the boom was telescoped out and that the operator had attempted to lift the boom in-between two I-beams. The cause of the incident was operator error in the placement and configuration of the machine and in the speed at which the operator was operating the lift.

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