Vehicle rollovers are among the most complex collisions to reconstruct. ARCCA’s team of experts has extensive experience investigating rollovers and navigating the challenges that these cases present. The three main areas of expertise involved in investigating these cases – crashworthiness, biomechanics and accident reconstruction – all work together to thoroughly analyze and navigate the case.

In one case, the accident reconstructionist determined the vehicle’s speed pre-roll, its roll rate during the rollover sequence, and the specific points and associated directionality on the vehicle where it impacted the ground during the rollover. Using this information, the crashworthiness engineer evaluated the performance of the restraint system during the rollover by conducting a hardware inspection and occupant kinematic analysis. The biomechanical expert then matched the specific injuries of the occupant to the sequence of events that occurred during the rollover. Our experts also assessed the vehicle’s roof strength to determine whether that was an issue in this accident.

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