Fires: How Hot, Dry Conditions Can Cause Spontaneous Combustion

heap of mulch

Auto ignition fires can occur when materials undergo a chemical reaction in the environment in which the materials are stored.  Auto ignition is also known as self-ignition or spontaneous combustion. …..

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Why Your Vehicle’s “Yielding” Seatback Is Hazardous During An Accident

seatback failure

Seatback failure and collapse remain a danger to automobile occupants in real world rear-end collisions.  Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some automakers still like to refer to this collapse…..

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ARCCA Follows Up With Inside Edition

Michael Markushewski

In November 2018, ARCCA expert Michael Markushewski was contacted by TV’s Inside Edition to demonstrate the hazards associated with wheels falling off of a vehicle – the dangerous consequences of which…..

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Ask an Expert – Safety Glass Failure Analysis

safety glass; failure analysis; safety glass blog;

Ask an Expert – Safety Glass Failure Analysis by Wade Lanning Ph.D.  A glass expert explains the differences between different kinds of safety glass, how they are engineered for safety,…..

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Podcast: Tune In To Learn How Drones Can Help With Your Next Case!

Drone; Drone Podcast; Joseph Teitelman

ARCCA Accident Reconstructionist Joseph Teitelman recently shared his expertise in drone technology during  the podcast, titled “Drones:  The Future Takes Flight.” In the podcast, Joseph discusses the legalities surrounding drones…..

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Roof Raking: When to Remove Snow from Your Roof


After a big snow storm (greater than a foot), the question often asked is:  “Should I rake my roof?”  The simple answer is:  it depends.  The following should be considered…..

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What is Lockout/Tagout and How Does it Ensure Workplace Safety?

lockout tagout

Lockout tagout is a system whereby hazardous energy in a machine, process, or device is isolated and contained or neutralized while the machine, process, or device is being serviced, inspected,…..

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Could Wearing A Face Covering Play A Role In STF Claims?

Wearing a Face Covering; Slip Trip Fall Claims

Dr. Angela Levitan, Senior Biomechanist at ARCCA, answers that question in her latest article, which appeared in CLM Magazine.  Dr. Levitan is a premier expert in this field, specializing in…..

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Meet ARCCA Expert – Wade Lanning, Ph.D.

Meet the Expert; featured expert

When things break or do not perform as designed resulting in injuries, broken equipment or business interruption, ARCCA’s engineers have the expertise to determine what went wrong and how it…..

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