Ensuring Safety in Engineering Design and Product Development

Ask An Expert – Safety As engineers design systems and products, user safety is on the forefront of every design decision. Products and systems must not injure the user when…..

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ARCCA Expert explains: What Is Corrosion And Why Does It Happen?

Figure 1: A steel bin full of rusted metal scraps.

Ask An Expert – Corrosion An ARCCA expert explains corrosion, how it causes failures, and how an expert investigates corrosion cases. Recent headlines have described “Extensive Corrosion” found in the…..

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Good, Bad, Both?

Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has become one of the most discussed topics in the news today.  Most households completely unaware of the acronym

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Introducing Amanda Stone, Ph.D.

Introducing Amanda Stone, Ph.D. out of our ARCCA Seattle office!

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Introducing Zachary Ball, Ph.D.

Meet Our Experts - Zachary

Introducing Zachary Ball, PhD. out of our ARCCA Pittsburgh office!

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How The Latest ADAS Technology Impacts Accident Reconstruction

ARCCA Expert Joseph M. Teitelman wrote an article recently in PAMIC Pulse Magazine for their Spring 2021 issue.  The article, Latest Technology in Accident Construction, explores the new data that…..

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Driver Response Times: The Human Factor in Accident Reconstruction

distracted driver

Driver Response Times: Accident Reconstruction is more than Physics Out of the most common hazards, drivers respond the quickest to an adjacent vehicle moving over into their lane. The low…..

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Join us on April 6th for a Virtual Event! Connecting the Dots: Failure Analysis in Structures, Products & Humans

Graphic promoting a webinar hosted by ARCCA

Join us on April 6th at 12:00pm EST for the CLM Alliance & ARCCA webinar- Connecting the Dots: Failure Analysis in Structures, Products & Humans presented by Jacqueline Lewis Devine,…..

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