When you work with ARCCA, you’ve made a decision to partner with innovators who are continually validating and testing the latest in forensic technology. From infotainment to drones to pioneering 3D scanning methodologies, ARCCA experts are the muscle pushing the boundaries of what is generally-accepted and peer-reviewed in the scientific communities in which they are leaders.

Drones:  ARCCA experts utilize the latest in drone technology to capture evidence and imagery from the unique perspective that can only be obtained from the sky.  Our drones are operated by licensed drone pilots and are capable of capturing aerial photographs and breathtaking 4k stabilized video.  Constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, ARCCA experts can sync the stunning visuals from the drone with the latest in data acquisition technology utilizing a technique ARCCA experts pioneered.

Infotainment:  ARCCA is the industry leader in the forensic analysis of Infotainment Systems, a new technology that can act as a secondary “black box” that stores information a typical Event Data Recorder (EDR/Black Box) will not record. This can include weeks of navigation data, SMS messages, call logs, contacts, where, when, and what device was paired to a vehicle, and even when and where a door was opened or closed.

ARCCA’s forensic engineers are continually conducting testing on this breakthrough technology to validate and understand the information mined from these systems. Infotainment downloads can be extremely beneficial when investigating who was operating a vehicle, how fast and where a vehicle was traveling, vehicle thefts, fraudulent claims, and arson.  Our accident reconstruction team is well versed in this new technology and can help with your next case or claim.

3D Visuals & 3D Laser Scanning: Through our extensive courtroom experience, we have found that juries process new information more effectively through visualization rather than by hearing or reading about it. Powerful visuals created from 3D laser scans take a jury right to the scene of the accident without ever having to leave the courtroom.

ARCCA utilizes the FARO 3D laser scanning system that is capable of gathering millions of points in minutes. The 3D scanner captures imagery and data that is incredibly realistic and accurate, and measurements of objects of interest can later be taken or confirmed from the 3D point cloud that was generated. These images can further be used to form the layout and basis of 3D animations of the event that is of issue.

ARCCA’s highly trained experts can perform 3D laser scanning of any accident scene, whether it be a vehicle, building, machinery, construction site, staircase, etc. Scanning can be performed at busy intersections or even at night with no ambient light, and any incidental traffic or people can be removed from the scans for a cleaner perspective. 3D laser scanning is quick, efficient and can be performed by a single operator.