William Brem, AS, ACTAR


3023 Eastland Blvd.,
Suite 110
Clearwater, FL 33761

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Mr. Brem is an Accident Reconstructionist, having worked in the field since 1993. His training and experience allow him to analyze a variety of collision situations and claims relating to scenarios such as “who is at fault”, traffic violation assessments, police report and procedure analysis, speed analysis, visibility studies, perception/reaction time, and vehicle dynamics.

His work also involves the reconstruction of motor vehicle, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle collisions.  He is experienced in conducting scene documentation and diagramming, sightline analyses, evidence inspections and forensic video analyses, along with documenting vehicle and site investigations utilizing three-dimensional laser scanning.

Mr. Brem also has extensive knowledge of CDR (airbag) downloads and is experienced in assessing staged accidents, enhanced damage cases and other law enforcement issues.

Prior to joining ARCCA, Mr. Brem served as an active duty police officer and police accident reconstructionist.

Education & Certification

  • A.S., The Pennsylvania State University
  • Pennsylvania State Police Academy,
    16th Municipal Police Class,
    Northwest Training Center graduate
  • Accredited as a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist
    by ACTAR
  • Accredited as a Certified Crash Data Retrieval System Operator