Michael Lutz, BSME, P.E., ACTAR

South Florida

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Mr. Lutz is a Senior Accident Reconstructionist and Forensic Engineer with ARCCA who specializes in accident reconstruction of passenger and commercial vehicle collisions, analysis of product and equipment failures, mechanical and civil systems design, management consulting, and project management of large-scale commercial and residential construction projects.

Mr. Lutz has reconstructed accidents involving commercial vehicles, high-speed collisions, vehicle/bicycle and vehicle/motorcycle accidents, daytime/nighttime pedestrian accidents, vehicle rollovers, low-speed collisions, and automotive fraud cases involving staged accidents, enhanced damages and phantom vehicle claims. In addition, he has marine accident reconstruction experience, including failure investigations and accident reconstruction analyses of boating mishaps.

Mr. Lutz has performed failure analyses of large diameter aluminum fans, ladders, slide gates, hatch covers, shoring systems, water and wastewater pipelines, and sprinkler systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications. He is also experienced in developing non-destructive testing methods for product quality control and failure prevention of mechanical systems.


Education & Certification

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland
  • Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Accredited as a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist by ACTAR