James Mason, PH.D., P.E.

West Coast Region

1999 Harrison Street, Suite 1800 Oakland, CA 94612
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Dr. Mason is a Senior Engineer specializing in mechanical failures. He performs analyses of failed consumer and industrial products and equipment, machinery design and failure, and metallurgical laboratory analyses. He also conducts engineering evaluations and provides analyses and opinions on the fracture and fatigue of metals, plastics, and welds. Dr. Mason has experience with medical devices and routinely conducts investigations of failed consumer medical devices, including fracture/fatigue crack analyses of orthopedic implants, plastics, and the complex interaction of materials with the human body.
He also performs motor vehicle accident reconstructions and conducts passenger and commercial vehicle inspections, as well as site investigations to gather photographic evidence and document conditions.  

Education & Certification

  • Ph.D., Solid Mechanics, California Institute of Technology
  • Master of Science, Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Berkeley,
  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
  • Professional Science Master’s Degree, Biology, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Accredited as a Certified Crash Data Retrieval System Operator
  • Accredited as a Certified Commercial Vehicle Event Data Recorder System Operator
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