ARCCA Forensic, Scientific, and Engineering Services in the Northeast

From vehicle collisions to construction site injuries, it can be a challenge to piece together what went wrong. With the help of ARCCA’s experience, expertise, and credibility, clients can identify the right solutions and hold the right parties accountable.

Founded in 1987 by engineer and crash expert Alan Cantor, ARCCA is a trusted name in forensic, scientific, and engineering solutions. With a dedication to the highest technical and ethical standards, our company quickly attracted accomplished forensic engineers, materials scientists, and other experts from all over the country.

What We Do

ARCCA forensic experts have helped insurance agencies, government agencies, law firms, and private companies get the data they need to see the big picture.

ARCCA provides scientific analysis and expert witness consultant services in all kinds of industries and cases, including:

  • R&D consultant work for the U.S. Military, NASA, NIOSH, and FEMA
  • Analyzing sports injuries and designing safer equipment for organizations such as the NHL
  • Investigation of vehicle crashes (passenger cars, airplanes, bicycles, etc.) to help determine fault
  • Testimony from failure analysis expert witnesses regarding the safety and effectiveness of child safety seats in cars
  • Root cause analysis of heavy truck seat failures
  • Biomechanics expert witness testimony in cases of amusement park ride fatalities, ATV accidents, residential fires, and more

When You Need a Local Expert, ARCCA Can Help

All of our locations throughout the region are staffed by highly skilled and qualified experts. Our experienced biomechanists, accident reconstructionists, failure analysis experts, and forensic engineers examine assignments from every angle and perform detailed analyses to discover the truth in even the most difficult cases.

ARCCA employs professionals with a variety of valuable expertise, including forensic science, environmental science, biomedical engineering, materials science, accident reconstruction, and more. With decades of combined technical experience, our consulting experts provide reliable scientific analysis and professional expert witness testimony. You can browse our technical experts’ profiles for more information about their education, accomplishments, and practice areas.

Serving Clients Throughout the Northeast

No matter where in the region you’re located, ARCCA can help you connect with one of our experts to meet your needs.

We currently maintain a presence in: 

  • Connecticut
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • District of Columbia

If you need the support of a qualified biomechanist, reconstructionist, or other engineering expert consulting in the Northeast U.S., submit an assignment or contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Sales Team

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Northeastern US

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Our Philadelphia Experts

Dave Gushue, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer – Senior Biomechanist

Mike Markushewski, BSMET

Chief Technical Officer

Angela Levitan, Ph.D., CPE

Senior Biomechanist, Human Factors Engineer, Certified Professional Ergonomist

Calum McRae, Ph.D.

Senior Biomechanist – Director of Accident Reconstruction, East Coast V.P.


Senior Biomechanist – Director of Biomechanics & Human Factors – East Coast V.P.

Ronald Fijalkowski, Ph.D.

Senior Biomechanist – Director of Biomechanics & Human Factors – East Coast V.P.

Larry Sicher, BSME

Director of Transportation

Tim Joganich, MSES, C.H.F.P.

Biomechanist, Certified Human Factors Professional

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