Cycling, whether racing, commuting, or recreational, has expanded significantly in recent years. Unfortunately, there has been a corresponding increase in bicycle accidents. ARCCA’s bicycle accident reconstructionists utilize a multifaceted approach in their investigations by examining bicycle assembly and maintenance, rider behavior (bike safety), driver behavior (if a car is involved), human factors, and injury mechanism (including assessment of the protective effect of bicycle helmets). Our bicycle accident reconstructionists will typically rely on medical records, forensic findings on the bicycle and cyclist’s clothing, evidence from the site, police reports, and, if available, testimony from the cyclist or other witnesses. They will then analyze all of this data to determine what really happened.

When a bicycle accident involves another vehicle, ARCCA’s experienced bicycle accident reconstructionists utilize scientific methodologies to investigate pre-impact speeds and points of impact between the cyclist and the vehicle, and they can also conduct 3D laser scans of the accident site for analysis and subsequent computer animation visuals.

To assist you with your bicycle case or claim, we can provide expert reports, testimony and demonstrative evidence or visuals (animations) for trial.

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