Failure Analysis/ Engineering

Product Failure: Products fail and safety processes do not perform as designed every day under all types of circumstances. Often ramifications include injuries, broken equipment or business interruption. ARCCA’s engineering experts have investigated hundreds of these scenarios and possess the expertise to determine what went wrong and how it could have been prevented.

Bicycles: With the proliferation of cyclists, accidents have become more frequent. ARCCA’s Human Factors experts look not only at the performance of the bike, but also the rider’s interaction with the bike. Our Failure Analysis experts analyze the bike’s components to determine if a mechanical defect or other failure was the cause of an accident/injury.  Our Biomechanists’ focus is on determining the cause of any injuries incurred in the accident, and finally, our Accident Reconstruction experts investigate and analyze all of the factors that contributed to a bicycle accident/injury in order to reconstruct how it happened.  Whether it be a bicyclist who was hit by a car or other vehicle, a bicyclist who crashed due to unsafe road conditions, a bicycle accident that occurred due to line of sight or conspicuity issues, or any other scenario, our Reconstructionists can determine the cause.   To learn more about our extensive work in bicycle accident cases, please click here.

Property loss: Problems occur with all properties and take many forms. ARCCA’s experts have many years of experience investigating property issues and their root cause. Additionally, they are often asked to determine an appropriate remediation approach.

Recreational Equipment: A certain amount of risk is inherent in almost all recreational endeavors. Equipment can break and cause injury, and specialty vehicles designed for the off-road environment create unique issues for passenger safety. ARCCA engineers work to evaluate failures and determine the actual cause, as well as how to prevent them in the future.

Transportation: Many on-road accidents are caused by the failure of components and systems. This failure could be a design failure or a manufacturing failure. ARCCA engineers have investigated many of these failures and determined their root cause. Our expertise includes all aspects of passenger vehicles, light and heavy trucks, tractor trailers, motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, bicycles, tugs and any other vehicle used to transport people or equipment.

Industrial mishaps: Inherent dangers are prevalent in industrial settings. Work-arounds, misuse, and distractions can create a dangerous environment that increases the likelihood of worker injuries. ARCCA engineers and human factor experts have extensive experience investigating these scenarios, determining the cause of the accident and developing safety procedures and processes.

Heavy Trucks: There are over 2 million tractor trailers in the United States traveling more than 140 billion miles in a given year. With a volume of this magnitude, it is inevitable that all types of accidents will occur. ARCCA engineers have inspected and analyzed hundreds of these accidents to determine the primary cause – whether it be driver error, mechanical failure, or environmental impact.