Mechanical Inspections

ARCCA’s engineers know cars – before and after a crash. From design to maintenance and performance, we know how each part of the car should work and what happens when something goes wrong. Trust a qualified and experienced ARCCA engineer to determine if a mechanical failure occurred and what, if any, role the failure played in the crash.

mechanical inspection of car wheel

vehicle inspections

  • Did the brakes really fail or did the driver just fail to use them?
  • Was the broken steering linkage the cause of the crash or caused by the crash?
  • Should the vehicle have passed state inspection?
  • Did the vehicle suddenly accelerate on its own?
  • What caused the engine to fail? 

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) scanning
  • Tire condition and failure inspections
  • Brake system inspections
  • Suspension condition inspections and failure identification
  • Steering system condition and operation inspections
  • Sudden acceleration investigations
  • Engine failures/ loss of power

damaged car tire

mechanical analysis; failure analysis; mechanical inspection