Often times, traffic cameras or nearby businesses with security cameras can inadvertently capture an incident on video. While having video evidence of a collision is extremely helpful, it takes additional work to derive important variables such as vehicle speed. ARCCA experts are experienced in analyzing and deconstructing such footage to retrieve as much information as possible. Surveillance footage can aid in accident reconstruction analyses and animations, even if the impact itself is not captured. With the advent of smart doorbells in residential areas, the opportunities for making use of such evidence are growing rapidly. In situations where the speed of a vehicle is in question, ARCCA experts can drive through the incident area at a known speed and retrieve calibrated footage to compare to footage of an incident.

The video above is a side-by-side video comparison that ARCCA created to demonstrate the effect of a vehicle’s excess speed in the causation of a collision. In this case, a surveillance camera captured a speeding vehicle that ended up impacting the side of a turning vehicle after leaving the camera’s field of view. Using the same surveillance camera which captured the incident, an ARCCA expert drove his vehicle on the subject road while maintaining a constant speed at the posted speed limit. The synchronized side-by-side video allowed for analysis to be done on the subject vehicle’s speed prior to impact and on the additional time the turning vehicle would have had to complete its turn if the subject vehicle was instead traveling the speed limit.