Video Analysis

Video data is available in a growing number of cases. Security footage, dash cams, body worn cameras, and more all provide a wealth of information for investigators. While video evidence is often correctly seen as a gold standard, issues can often arise during recording or playback. Analyzing, interpreting, and preserving video evidence is the job of ARCCA’s certified forensic video examiners.

Anyone with experience in video forensics knows the first question clients always ask: “Can you enhance this”? Unfortunately, video and photo enhancement in the real world does not work like it does on TV. There is no single button to “enhance”, and details cannot always be pulled out of a low-resolution video. Evidence that would otherwise be retained can be lost due to video compression. Sometimes the time information is encoded incorrectly, leading to incorrect playback.

Fortunately, ARCCA’s team has the experience and tools to confidently use video evidence in the courtroom. Our experts are skilled at analyzing video for evidence that can otherwise be overlooked due to poor video quality. Timing and playback issues can be found, then corrected or explained. Vehicles can be identified and speeds accurately calculated. Videos capturing slips, trips, and falls can be analyzed frame by frame to better understand the kinematics of the incident.

With ARCCA, you can be confident knowing what your case’s video evidence shows, and how it can be used in the court room.