ARCCA has state-of-the-art equipment and laboratory facilities which allow its experts to conduct a variety of case-specific testing. Our testing capabilities include analyzing unique vehicular contacts, evaluating the performance of driver assistance systems, testing operators’ abilities to react to hazards, assessing the effectiveness of active conspicuity equipment, and more…

three damaged automobiles in a parking lot

man on a motorcycle riding in a parking lot

test of operators abilities to ract to hazards

Our engineers instrument test vehicles with a diverse group of sensors which can accurately measure location, speeds, accelerations, and other critical values at high frequencies. The team at ARCCA designed a roadway test to highlight the major distinctions between the accepted value for roadway friction and the friction experienced over sections of roadway where rumble strips are present. The result of this study has changed the way we think of typical roadway surfaces. This is just one of the many ways that ARCCA proves its competitive edge in the field of Accident Reconstruction testing. 

accurate measurements of speed and acceleration of roadway vehicles

roadway rumble strips