Peter Chen, M.S.M.E., M.B.A., P.E., CFEI, ACTAR

Peter Chen, M.S.M.E, M.B.A, P.E, CFEI ARCCA Mechanical Engineering

Peter Chen, M.S.M.E., M.B.A., P.E., CFEI, ACTAR

New England/New York Region

Mr. Chen is a Mechanical Engineer specializing in Accident Reconstruction, Fire Cause/Origin, Product Failure/Liability, Car and Truck Failure Analysis, Industrial Equipment (manufacturing, production, assembly, construction and HVAC), Worksite Safety, Aviation, Medical/Rehabilitative and Exercise Equipment, Warnings and Instruction, and Transportation, including Railroad Mishap Investigation.

In addition to earning his Master of Science and Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, he is also an ACTAR-certified Accident Reconstructionist, a Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator, a Certified Crash Data Retrieval Analyst and a JLG Certified Equipment Trainer.

While previously working for a leading jet engine manufacturer, Mr. Chen was a member of the team that developed a short takeoff, vertical landing engine, and he holds a patent for a gas turbine engine system involving I-beam struts.

Master of Business Administration,
University of Hartford

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Accident Reconstruction

  • Passenger Vehicle, Truck, Bus, Railroad incidents
  • Black Box Download
  • Testing


  • Human Factors
  • Low-speed Impact


  • Warnings & Instructions

Human Factors/Failure Analysis

  • Fire Cause/Origin
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Workplace