Louis D’Aulerio, BAP

Louis D'Aulerio, BAP , ARCCA Crashworthiness Expert

Louis D’Aulerio, BAP

2288 Second Street Pike, PO Box 78
Penns Park, PA 18943

Lou D’Aulerio is one of the nation’s leading authorities regarding occupant crash protection in both air and ground vehicles. He specializes in issues related to seat belts, airbags and seating systems for both adults and children. In addition, he is one of the leaders in the development of occupant kinematic simulations and was one of the first researchers to publish on the topic of validating occupant simulations with comparison to the human body. Mr. D’Aulerio has worked exclusively in the field of occupant crash protection since 1975. Prior to joining ARCCA, Mr. D’Aulerio was the lead engineer for the U.S. Navy’s development of their Naval Aircrew Common Ejection seat (NACES) which is still used today in combat aircraft. Mr. D’Aulerio is co-inventor of a patent for a vehicle safety seat system for passenger vehicles and a patent for vehicle occupant protection systems, and has authored numerous technical papers addressing his areas of expertise.

B.A. Physics, La Salle University

Graduate Engineering Science courses,
The Pennsylvania State University

Member of the
Society of Automotive Engineers.


  • Cargo Retention
  • Child Safety
  • Seat
  • Seat Belt & Airbag