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ARCCA Incorporated, a national forensic engineering firm, has helped clients address their technical and scientific challenges and manage their litigation issues since 1987.

Our team is comprised of seasoned experts with professional credentials and extensive experience in their chosen fields. This functional expertise and depth of experience make ARCCA the preferred choice of insurance companies, law firms, government agencies and corporate safety, claims and risk management departments. The quality of our work has led to a national reputation for what we call “The ARCCA Advantage – Experience, Service, Expertise and Credibility”.

Our Research & Development Group provides technical consultation to government and other agencies, such as the U.S. Military, NIOSH, FEMA, NASA and the National Hockey League. Our engineers and biomechanists are particularly skilled in the areas of human tolerance to injury and protection/survivability. We have investigated thousands of automotive, aircraft and other crashes and performed tests using anthropomorphic devices, human test subjects and cadavers. Our biomechanical engineers have researched, developed and tested designs to improve player safety for the NHL, and we’ve successfully completed contracts relating to safer designs for ambulances, military vehicles and occupant protection components and systems.

We can help with all phases of your project or case – from initial investigation and evidence preservation to design, testing, expert reports, depositions, exhibit preparation and trial testimony. For almost 30 years, clients have trusted ARCCA’s experts to analyze the facts and determine what really happened.

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