Shawn Harrington, BSESM, ACTAR


2288 Second Street Pike, PO Box 78
Penns Park, PA 18943

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Mr. Harrington is Director of Accident Reconstruction and a Forensic Scientist. His work is in the fields of accident analysis and reconstruction, pedestrian/vehicle collisions, occupant crash protection and crash safety, and also involves on-scene investigation of motor and commercial vehicle collisions.

He has led static and dynamic test programs evaluating equipment in ambulances to improve occupant compartment crashworthiness for a research program with NIOSH.  This testing was used to develop an SAE Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice (J3043) to improve occupant survivability in ambulance collisions.

Mr. Harrington has also worked with the National Hockey League to research, develop, and test designs to improve player safety, and he is an active firefighter with the Lingohocken Fire Company.

Education & Certification

  • B.S. Engineering Science and Mechanics,
    with Honors,
    The Pennsylvania State University
  • Firefighter 1 National Certification
    (NFPA 1001),
    Department of Public Safety
    Training and Certification,
    Bucks County Community College
  • Accredited as a Traffic Accident
    Reconstructionist by ACTAR
  • Accredited as a Heavy Vehicle
    Event Data Recorder System Operator
  • Accredited as a Certified Crash
    Data Retrieval System Operator