Gary Whitman, BSME


Gary Whitman, BSME

2288 Second Street Pike, PO Box 78
Penns Park, PA 18943

Mr. Whitman is the Director of Crashworthiness and spent his entire career in the fields of occupant crash protection, restraint systems, emergency escape, crash safety and survival, and life support engineering. Since 1978 he has been investigating automotive and aircraft mishaps, and providing expert testimony in his specialty fields. He is co-inventor of a passenger vehicle safety seat system patent and a vehicle occupant crash protection system patent.

Mr. Whitman’s main focus is research, testing, design, and development of occupant crash safety systems, including child safety seats. He has collaborated with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the American Academy of Pediatric Child Injury Prevention, National SAFE KIDS Campaign, and the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania in child restraint research and investigation projects. Mr. Whitman was the technical lead on a program to develop an advanced occupant crash protection system for Army ground vehicles and a program with NIOSH to study occupant crash protection of ambulance occupants. He was also the Subject Matter Expert on another Army program to improve the occupant crash protection in the HMMWV ground vehicle. He is currently the technical lead on an Army program to improve blast and crash protection in Army ground vehicles.

See Mr. Whitman in one of our educational videos entitled “Car seat safety: A car crash expert’s view on proper tightening of an infant car seat.”

B.S. Mechanical Engineering,
Drexel University

Graduate courses in Medical Science,
Drexel University

1997 Pennsylvania Governor’s Highway
Safety Award for Occupant Protection

Member of the
Society of Automotive Engineers.


  • Cargo Retention
  • Child Safety
  • Seat
  • Seat Belt & Airbag
  • Structures

Failure Analysis

  • Transportation