Engineering hierarchy dictates that you should try to design out any hazard and, if you are unable to do so, you need to guard against that hazard. If you cannot guard against it, then you need to warn about the hazard. ARCCA boating accident reconstructionists have extensive experience conducting research and testing regarding hazards, guarding and warnings inherent in the boating environment.

One of the most common boating hazards is the propeller. Our boating accident reconstructionists have been involved in many cases where swimmers have been seriously injured by spinning propellers. In fact, our engineers have conducted extensive and rigorous scientific tests to evaluate propeller accidents and have designed and tested propeller guards that not only protect swimmers, but do not negatively affect the performance of the boat. In some cases, the guards can actually increase performance. Testing of new propeller guard concepts using a specialized test dummy is pictured above.

Whether your boating accident case or claim involves injuries or damage due to design, mechanical failure or human error, our boating accident reconstruction experts can analyze the facts and determine the cause. We can also provide expert reports, testimony and demonstrative evidence or animations for trial. Call 800-700-4944 or click here to contact us.