If you’re attending NASP (Nov. 5-8 in Austin, Texas), you won’t want to miss our speakers’ presentations:

MASONJames Mason, PhD

Nov. 6 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm

“Crane Casualties & Recoveries”

Crane operations and accidents are complicated and technical, involving multiple entities and numerous “moving parts”.  Crane damage can occur in a variety of circumstances — while the crane is being stored, transported, or when it is in operation – and each circumstance presents its own unique investigational and recovery challenges. Jim’s presentation will focus on the all too frequent situation where the crane is damaged, and the first party insurer would like to pursue a claim for recovery and address subrogation challenges in crane recoveries, including the all-important first steps and the preservation and gathering of evidence.

MIKEMichael Markushewski, BSMET

Nov. 7 from 3:45pm to 4:30pm

“Airport Mishaps and Their Subrogation Potential”

Millions of people travel by airplane each year. In addition to aircraft crashes, there are many other incidents that frequently occur in and around airports that can result in damage or injury claims, such as slips and falls, escalator/elevator incidents, baggage handling equipment, jet bridges, airport tugs, motor vehicles and, of course, pedestrians.   Mike’s presentation will cover a wide range of airport incidents and their subrogation potential.

Please stop by our Booth #313 to meet Jim and Mike, as well as Matt Orcutt, our Northeast Regional Manager.   Or, just email them to set up a time to meet –, and

October 24, 2017